Samba Keyboard problems

I have a small problem with Samba Keyboard

I keeps comming up i different Places where its not needed.

Is it possible to Disable samba Keyboard.

Best regards

It should only show when you press the Keyboard button down the bottom left corner of the SambaPOS screen.
Are you sure it’s not the Windows onscreen keyboard.

Actually somthing like this happened to me during my setup, one way i could reproduce the scenario is when i had a memu category without any products in it.
But it went away when i logged back in until i clicked the same menu category, so im guessing you might have done something sambapos is not used to.

If a category does not have any items in it SambaPOS assumes you need to search products and shows a keyboard to be able to type a value. Just useful to create an empty category called Search to display keyboard automatically. I don’t know if there is any other use case to create empty categories.