Samba Loses Touch Input

If you were having issues with hostnames before and solved by using IPs and didnt find the reason perhaps you still have an underlying network issue?

It was a real budget setup and they got more than their fair share out of me, I installed and tested coverage and made recommendations on increasing coverage in one of the areas but I was not their network guy so could only setup for them, their network issuesI told them to speak to their network guy.
The hotel where I do all I would be like that but there we have a very open relationship where cost is a factor and if compromises are needed to keep within budget they understand that you cant have it all for nothing and what they do get is well above and beyond what they would get if they paid some big company to do it :slight_smile:

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have you tried these solutions

I wouldnt hold my breath… the RDP your using is meant for Home use not a production restaurant environment. I would be willing to bet a full fledged windows RDP server with correct license and Server OS wouldnt have nearly as many issues.

Anyway GQL Web App is the future… its coming soon very soon. I wouldnt invest too much money into an RDP solution beyond what you already have. The GQL Webapp will basically make using RDP or local install for tablets completely obsolete.

It wont be long and we will have a production ready Webapp for tablets. I can tell you it is insanely fast. I have tested it over the internet even from my own computer with a measly 1mb upload speed… and it was spot on… initial load of app took about 10 seconds… once it was loaded it was nearly instant… that is across the internet even. Its almost oblivious to network drops during order taking.


You know what, now that I think about it the main issue for me was not yet having support for suffix order tags but I am no longer using that with my new breakfast setup. Yes I am in to start testing soon as we get something done. I might honestly pay someone to somehow create an automated css designer for table layouts because that is really all that I am missing. Also categories for order tags.

Here is a current dev test with network throttled to 2mb down 1mb up speed. Initial load took a few seconds… once going it was really fast… btw that is live its actually submitting those orders.


Does emre plan on implamenting automation command buttons on there soon? Id like support to do positions, order tag categories, and table layout. If I had, I would use that over everything else any day

Guess you havnt kept up with it? Its available now for beta team.

oh wow, very cool. Technically with a little web development experience I could make pm-pos fully functional for our use. Interesting, maybe ill just hire someone overseas to do it for me real quick.

Man I really wish I could sit here all day and learn to code, I feel like id be really good but it requires time and I dont have any. I focus all my attention on the business aspect and getting clients. All my samba setup will be very similar for now so I didint really need to dedicate too much time to learning more features… for now I have mostly all I need.

Do you think it would be a failure if I tried to hire a freelance web dev to implement table layout, simple category groups, positions, advanced spiting tickets based on positions? Do you think the dev would have everything he needs on GQL to accomplish all that?

I don’t think that is a good idea.

What are “positions”?

What is “advanced spiting tickets”?

Assign position state to each order to represent the person. Then have option to split tickets based on positions. So move position 1 and 2 to new ticket or split all positions to separate tickets.

Why don’t you think it would be a good idea?

I have experienced samba loosing touch input on a cheap linx 7" windows tablet. When I connected a mouse samba was functioning fine and when I closed sambapos touch was working on windows 10 itself.
I then tried RDP but after locking tablet reconnection times were really bad.
Currently testing an android tablet with microsoft rdp app and it reconnects instantly and have not encountered any touch issues yet.

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It happens a lot less on android but it still does happen. We have 4 android tablets and will see the issue maybe once every 1-2 weeks

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