Samba matriK can view report 2 restuarant in one app?

I have customer he has 2 restaurant and he want to view the report with his 2 restaurant in one samba matrik app, so we can do it for him ?

Yes you can add multiple locations in the MetriK app

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Each location needs a license but you can view them in the same app. Here is example showing two locations.

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So could you show me how add more location ?

Yes click on your profile and press add location.

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Thank you i will try it

Please Can someone show me how to make all Void Reports show on Metrik App because I cant see void reports from the POS on the Apps.

Metrik dies not show all reports yet.

Thanks for your Prompt Reply.

I have been trying to purchase Samba5 license
made payment since yesterday and never get feedback of successful or declined.
its taking too long

Can you help with a License Purchase Please. I have created an Account…but payment is problem!

Be sure it’s not Amex, may need to make sure your bank is not blocking international payment.