Samba MessagingServer Stopping at multiple locations

I have setup SambaPOS in multiple restaurants and i’m always facing the issue of MessageServer stopping during rush hours.

let me explain the scenario, in one of the restaurants, i have 1 server and 5 clients + 5 MC3
specifications of the devices as below:
Server : core i7 generation 11, 16GB RAM, 512GB of SSD
Clients: core i5 generation 5, 8GB RAM, 256GB of SSD
Tablets : Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 , 3GB RAM, 32GB storage

i have tried all the solutions from checking the network connection multiple times, everything seems to work perfectly regarding the network,
also tried installing SQL Developer but with no effect, lastly i installed Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and the messagingServer keep stopping.

would appreciate a solution for my issue because it’s getting annoying restarting the MessageServer manually every time.

What version of Sambapos are you on? Also can you pm me a copy of your database?

i’m currently running version 5.7.6

I deleted that post please send in private message the next time.