Samba Metrik Cost

Hello folks,

I wanted to know how much would I need to spend in order to:

  1. Monitor 3 different branches of a restaurant on one phone?
  2. Do the same as in 1 but allow three different people, each on their own phones, to view the sales on 3 different branches (same as in 1)?

$149/yr x 3

So $447/yr

That is the 3 user Standard license per venue price.

I dont think he wants 3 users, think he primarily means 3 locations. And asking is it’s different between 3 locations on one account or 3 individual accounts.
Licences are per location/site/database
Single user licence is $89
3 users $149
Unlimited users $199

Each license is per location. So if you need 3 users and 3 locations and you want all 3 users to see all three locations you need the $149 license 3x one for each location