Samba Pos 2 error while downloading

When i try to download samba pos

2 a error happens

That doesn’t look right. You should download it from our website. That is something else. Where did you get sambapos from?

Download | SambaPOS Project I downloaded it from this website

I think that version predates even @Jesse :laughing:

You won’t get support for that version, well, anywhere I’d imagine.

Visit and grab a copy of V5.

Whilst versions previous versions were free as in beer, the US$250 for current SambaPOS is one of the better deals one will find and it’s a one-time-purchase.

is the new one good?

Just download it and try it. You don’t have to pay to try it.

Wow yes I haven’t seen version 2 in a very very long time. Like 2010-11 it’s now 2023….