Samba POS 5 Back to V4

Hello Samba Team… How are you today?
I would like to know how to go back to V4 from V5.
Or how can I skip Activation fee?

Thank You

You can’t skip activation. You need to purchase v5 license. You can’t revert back without a v4 backup. Why are you asking to get v5 for free?

V4 is no longer supported and v5 is much more powerful. It’s worth the low low price.

I though It was without fee… I know It’s better. But I been using V4 since 2014 and I have no problem at all.

So without issue or resason you updated live system to v5?
Restoring from a V4 backup is only solution. Tables will have been altered in upgrade process which is not resersable.

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