Samba POS Expert needed

Hello Club
I am seeking an individual who has excellent experience in samba v4 and samba 5.
I have little knowledge on maneuvering around the system a bit to do basic things like setup menu and out addon items.

But my challenge is in setting up Delivery, Take out, Adding Special Buttons to main screen
I need things like

  • My restaurant name on receipt
  • Name of cashier on ticket and receipt
  • Time clock system to manage employees
  • Tax system

and a few other bits an pieces of task to get done.

I am willing to pay for assistance, So kindly reach out to discuss further.

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Hi, Ill send you a private message shortly!

Private message received, See your email for response.

Hi @dgcomit,

I cant find your email, can you answer me through forum private message?

I sent you some questions & examples there.

Thank you!

Sorry, Im new to this forum. I didn’t know how to respond privately . But i think i figured it out. Check your PM to see if received.

If you in UK or just was nt online help. Reach out to storeseen. Check them out on Google. Very good knowledge and very helpful. Good luck


@markjw Storeseen getting some nice props here.