Samba POS for tickets

Hello, forum members, I have a client that needs a ticket software, can I use Samba?

LOL, tickets is very vague… car to elaborate.
Samba is an epos software, each transaction is referred to as a ticket?

He has a virtual reality center, and Samba fit in?

That doesn’t really clear things up.
Samba as a program doesnt really care what your selling. Some have used for retail, shops and many things other than restaurant.
If your just selling entry tickets the charge is just a product the same as if you were selling a burger.
If you need bookings thats more advanced and even with allot of work may not get exactly what you want.
You need to give more information for best answers.

Can I use Samba for Retail shops?

Yes you can several people on the forum do

Thanks a lot, I’m grateful to @ kendash and @ JTRTech