SAMBA POS MOBILE update failed


i have one pc(windows10,sql express 2014,slq managment studio) with sambapos.

i used this tutorial

update does’t work.

video :

please help :frowning:

Can you elaborate? Update doesn’t work is very vaigue.
You can’t update in play store, doesn’t connect what???

when i add sambapos user and click app update button, it doesnot work and does’t login.

Can you watch my video?

help :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Video is not very helpfull, cant see what the messages are saying and whats happening…

i have one pc with SAMBAPOS + LICENSE and one andoroid TABLET.

when i open SAMBAPOS MOBILE APP > settings where i write sambapos messaging server ip and port, mobile app connected to the server successfully and when i click save button everything is ok, but when i trying to login its say " your data is not UP-TO-DATE". when i click update button, update window close fast.after that, i trying login, but its says " your data is not UP-TO-DATE".

Please send me your Config screen screenshot firstly. (at mobile)

it is old config, now i have 9898 port.


for now, i reseting my tablets. as soon as its finish reset, i will send.

tablet is andorid 6.0 version, 2GB RAM.
i tested other ANDROID Phone SAMSUNG J6 with ADNROID 8.0.0 version

Which version SambaPOS did you use?

Are samba and mobile app both up to date/latest version?

sambapos is 5218(latest)
mobile is 2.0.39(latest)

You configured message server port as 9000+ ? Has to have the + after the numbers.

yes, i trying 9000+ and 9898+.
in both cases result is same…

i turned off firewall and windows defender.

look, why is my mobile activated key status is NO on

It looks like your license is not installed. In sambapos go to market and logout close sambapos then reopen it and login to market again then try.

i try this, also cleared all key.

Perhaps something in the config is wrong? Is your database really english?