Samba POS terminal hardware requirement

i am getting a pos terminal and would like to check what is the recommended hardware specs because i do not want the system to be slow or laggy.

for the cpu is intel celeron 1037u sufficient? Or do i need to upgrade to J1900 or even an i3?

for the memory capacity is 4gb sufficient? Or do i need to upgrade to 8gb?

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the memory capacity is 4gb sufficient

the memory capacity is 4gb sufficient
No need to update

If you want a fast POS system i recommend i3 or better CPU and 8 GB Ram.

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For standalone machine 4gb should be ok, for multi terminal setup 8gb would be nice upgrade on the SQL hosting machine/server.
I3 will be better, I use last gen core2duo 2.8/3ghz on most of my machines without issues. Celeron all in ones I have used usually ended up hitting slowdowns.
Removing bloat ware and stripping the Windows 7 ‘fancies’ will help releave but will depend on complexity of your samba setup… A basic setup might be ok, if you start doing larger entity grids with report expressions on state display formats and lots of order added and ticket total changed type rules you are obviously rapidly increasing the demand on the machine.

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Yes, this will be fine. I have setup on terminals with this CPU many times, and most only had 2Gb RAM and it wasn’t an issue.

Does it lag sometimes or become slow?

No it is fine. Also it won’t “become slow” if you use LocalDB or SQL Express database types, you only get slowdowns in the future if you use the older CE database type.

Remember though that a CPU and RAM alone is not a complete system. You could have a good CPU and amount of RAM but on a poor quality motherboard and it will still have problems. I am assuming from your other post you were looking for a POS terminal on Alibaba, I would mention here that many of the cheap Chinese POS terminals you see on there are very low spec and use poor quality motherboards that will make them run much slower than they should, and you can have issues with stability, cooling and even electrical safety as well.


Hi Mark i have decided to spend more and get from a reputable dealer

i have decided on ToriPos 815.

There is 3 available OS versions to choose from.

Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and POSready 7.

Which one should i go for?

Poindus usually only distribute to trade, it’s unlikely they will sell direct to a end customer. Have you checked?

Which country are you located in? I can suggest where you can get hardware from.

POSReady 7 is same as Windows 7 really, but license will be cheaper. For running SambaPOS it will be fine. You should check the pricing of the OS before you make decision.

Hi Mark i am in Singapore.

So i should just get whichever version of windows that is cheapest right?

I am planning to implement Samba POS System. Somebody kindly confirm the hardware specs.

Main Terminal with Database: Industrial Mini PC (Windows 10, Intel i5 with 8GB Ram, 128GB SSD )
Tablet Clients: Chuwi Windows Tablet (Windows 10, Intel Cherry Trail Z8300, 1.84GHz, Quad Core, 2GB RAM, 32G Storage)

Kindly let me know what are the cheap and best Caller ID hardware supports sambapos v5