Samba pos v4 on Windows 2003 server

Can samba pos v4 work or run on windows 2003 server ?

Is there a plan to make samba v5 to work on windows 2003 server environment ?

SambaPOS4 and SambaPOS5 require .net 4.5 if you can get .net 4.5 on it then yes… if not then no. I am going to say probably not, but I have not looked to see if it supports .net4.5… 2003 is very outdated just like xp is.

Why would he specifically spend development time to support old outdated unsupported software? At some point you have to move forward which is what he did with moving to .net4.5

PS Windows 2003 server support ends in 39 days. Microsoft will no longer support it. This means you will never get patches or fixes and it could turn into a risk.

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Dot net framework 4.5 will not install on 2003, It even jammed on Server 2008. Use Server 2012.

So Samba pos will install but SQL Server will not Install that is the catch.

Unless you want to use Local DB and not SQL server 2012/2014

I have my testing setup on my home server which is running 2008 R2

I Tried it refused, maybe it lacked updates or something i switched to 2012, i will try it again on vmware i see

I know samba works on R2, think my SQL might have been on my PC itself and was just RDP to my server to simulate second terminal.

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