Samba POS Version 6

If one of the higher chiefs could move this I cant post in General for some reason.

Hi all, been a long time since ive been active on here, is there any updates on when or if version 6 is liable to be appearing ?


Version 6 may not even be called version 6 but it is actively being developed and the concept is open source right now called SambaDNA. It has a long way to go yet I wouldn’t expect it any time soon and it probably won’t just replace desktop Sambapos. V5 is actively being developed still. If you need a feature please share it with us.

ahhh I see, I was just curious to be honest and I haven’t posted for a long time so just thought I would bring it up my Club Membership POS system I was designing using samba got put on hold for sometime but now im back to it so I have no doubt I will be speaking to you all in the near future :slight_smile:

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How and where i can buy V5?


You can get a v5 license from a reseller or directly off their website.

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Could you tell me what will the purpose of SambaDNA? Has a really cool ring to it btw

Will that be cloud based database?

Its a hybrid of both. Its not fully cloud based but not fully local. You can read more about it