Hi All

The file Samba.Presentation.exe suddenly isn’t on my computer. Sambapos was working beautifully last night, I haven’t changed anything but, this morning, the shortcut on the taskbar has vanished and the desktop shortcut which refers to Samba.Presentation.exe can’t work as the file doesn’t exist anymore.

I would appreciate your help, please.

KEELEY Brendan
Le Caff

That file won’t just disapear. Sounds like you may have an antivirus program going rogue. But try reinstalling Sambapos.

Thank you, Jesse. I will contact Emsisoft (the Malware app) they might know what’s going on. I’m reluctant to reinstall Samba as I haven’t seen yesterday’s figures yet and there is a massive amount of work to do if I have to start again.

Reinstalling sambapos will not affect any data. Just do not uninstall the database which is SQL Server express. If you do not know your connection string then do not uninstall sambapos yet. If you need me to connect remotely I can try and fix your issue.

I haven’t touched anything! I wouldn’t dare.
I would certainly appreciate your help please Jesse.

If you have anydesk please pm me the number if you do not have anydesk can you please go to and run anydesk. You do not have to install it just run it and give me the number. Please send it in a pm.

I have sent it to your private box.

The virus scanner falsely detected SambaPOS as a virus and quarantined it. I helped him restore it and it is working again.