Samba Single User DB Configuration

i installed a single user Samba POS 4 and and i am trying to setup my Sql Server Configuration but my issues is the DATA source; Password; User ID. i seems not get how to setup my Sql Server. i Installed SQL EXPRESS but i couldnt find the SQL EXPRESS on my SYsTEM…

any luck


I’m having difficulty following whats going on here… So you say you can’t conncet to your Database with Samba?
Can you paste the connection string your using?

i dont know my string… i am trying to configure my DB but it seems i need DATA +SOURCE, USER ID, PASSWORD but i dont know all this…

i am new to SAMBA POS and i went through the little tutorials but i am a little bit confused. i need to know how to Configure my DB

If you are setting up for “single user”, i.e. single terminal, you don’t need SQL Express. You can just use SQL LocalDB database. When you install SambaPOS, you get the option to install SQL LocalDB 2014 - select that option and it will automatically download and install the database. When you first open SambaPOS, it will work (with sample data if you selected that during install, otherwise with empty database). This is the default instance of SQL LocalDB and the connection string will be blank.

If you are already in SambaPOS, you can also double click the logo in top left to make it into a window, then on the title bar, if it has SQ at the end, it means you are using SQL LocalDB. In which case, you can just disregard SQL Express altogether (and uninstall if you wish).

If the title bar says CE, then you are using SQL Compact Edition, also can be included when setting up. This is not recommended to be used anymore. If this is your situation, simple fix is just uninstall SambaPOS and reinstall again, seelcting the SQL LocalDB 2014 option during setup.


Thank you for your support… it was really helpful

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