Samba V3 - Important-Urgent Issues

Hello. Sorry for the wrong category but there was not a v3 one… I am using Samba v3 and I believe is an awesome software and thank you for this. I do realise that this is an old version and perhaps it is not supported but I do like how it looks so I ll stick to that. I do have some issues I am trying to resolve though. If anyone already faced these issues and can help please do. So here it goes…

  1. I need a Work Period Unique Id since it is asked from my Accountants. I know there is a number generator function but I dont know how to use it. I ve search the forums on v4 also but I couldnt find any help on this.
  2. Open and alter a closed-settled ticket Or even a properly functioning refund button. Again I tried this following a couple of tutorials but it is not properly recording the account amounts.
    3)We have an order that has for example 5xHeineken beers (as it is recorded on the ticket screen) and 1 Pizza.
    When I want to move - split the order I select 2 of the Beers using the (-) or (+) buttons and the pizza but when I press move button it moves just the beers not the pizza. So I have to select the same table again. Merge the tickets. And then select the separated 2 beers and the pizza.

Please if anyone is able to help with these I ll be grateful. Thank you in advance.

Hello there, this forum does not offer any support fro V3 Hence the no category, i’ve moved it to a more general category. Support for v3 is only offered at not on this forum. If you want support simply uprade to v5 and you’ll get easy support