Samba V5.1.62 ESD Integration (Elpos Easysign : Signet Plus)

Hi. Would you kindly guide me how to Integrate Samba V5.1.62 with Fiscal ESD Machine


Thanks in advance.


Please dont expect people to go and research your specific device…
At least post a link to the manufacturer website and pdf manual/specs…
Guessing its a customer display type device.

Have you looked at the customer display tutorials for a likely place to start?

How does it plug in, most are pretty simply treated like printers automation wise.

Its not display device rather a fiscal printer (Electronic Signature Device) that signs some code on the bill or receipt.

Well there is exactly why I say post a link…
I searched ‘ELPOS EASYSIGN’ and first site in rusian i think it is and second link is for a LED dotmatrix customer display…

Adding ‘model’ to seach doesnt help either;

First site is sign making software, following half dozen is a bag company with range called signet…

cant seem to find the specific make online… but if someone has done integrated and make of electronic signature device I think the information would be helpful.

If you cant find it how are we ment to when we dont even know what it looks like to know if were looking at right thing LOL.

Have you tried searching the forum, there are many discussions about fiscal printers;

Most are just treated as port printers from what i remember about the topics ive read.
But without documentation for your printer you dont have much chance as you need to know what format it wants to receive the info your giving it in.

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Thanks, I will have to trace the hard copy user guide.

Did you succeed in the ESD configuration?

Hi. Not yet, Are you in a position to assist?

Are you able to ping the ESD

Yes I can ping it…

Could you give a screenshot of the ESD software?