Sambacard loyalty, can't use sample database


I’m trying to follow the steps here:

But when I type SambaCard.sdf to the connection string and restart, it says it can’t connect to the database, does anyone know what I’ve done wrong?


That is an older tutorial. I wouldnt use that database it is a CE database. By default SambaPOS installs LocalDB SQL now which is much better and more robust than CE.

Instead follow the tutorial:

Thanks again! But it doesn’t include the rules for payment processing and add 5% of the order as loyalty points, any idea please?

Try this then:

Great thanks! But in this file, there doesn’t seem to be a payment processing rule either?

What do you mean by payment processing rule?

On there, if you scroll down, someone else has the same issue and emre states it is because of a payment processing rule.

In other words, do you know how to ensure 5% balance is added for each order like the youtube demo.

Kendash - NEED immediate help

My system was live - i tried to build loyalty feature by using Sambacard - downloaded the sample database mentioned above … and in local settings - typed: sambacard.sdf

But now my sambapos just wont start… gives the same error: it says it cant connect to the database… Please HELP!!!

Im facing huge problem now

Somebody - please help immediately… im not able to log in – into sambapos…:-((

Just respond that your issue is solved, otherwise others would respond to your request.
There is no need to have multiple screams on the forum.
If members are alive / correct me - awake and not busy with there own business, you will be helped out.


Yes… issue resolved… Thanks guys

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