Sambacard payments

We’re very interested in the sambacard feature - both our tills have swipe card readers built in, so that will work nicely as a feature.

One thing that I want to clarify is loading payments onto the card. Can it be setup so if I add £10 to a card, there is a sale for 10 in the till. Looking at the tutorial, you add the funds to the card, but I can see no way of the operator paying for it.

Whats to stop someone from loading up money on a card without and money being taken from the customer - is there a way to block potential fraud?

Not urgent, as i’ve not discovered a good source of pre-programmed, pre printed cards yet.

This can be the same way as with Gift Certificates. You will sell credit and it will be shown on the reports. The only issue with making it an actual sale is that the funds will be listed twice as sales - once for the credit and again for the use of the credit.

We will need to rework the SambaCard setup to provide an audit trail without inflating sales figures.

When you are getting cards made up, it’s a good idea to prefix the card numbers to make then unique. Ie FOX000001.

we’re not using the accounts report, just the work period (z reports) so presumably sales of the vouchers would be listed on there, with items redeemed shown as a seperate payment type…

It’s too big a potential fraud risk to not tie adding credit to a payment. It would be great for an admin user to load credit on a card, but there’s nothing to stop an end user giving themselves free beer.

It’s a long way down the line - we only went live with it on friday night.