Sambacard reports

I’ve been asked to do reports based upon

Cards that hasn’t been used
best seller
worst seller
most used
least used (aside from haven’t been used)

Is this even possible? I’m guessing it has to be sql related?


Well there is .asc and .desc and sure similar was asked a while back about limiting to the first 10.

D8dnt know about those.

Still wouldnt know how to do it though, ill have a search see if i can see anything in the forum


Ive used something before about account reporting but im buggered if i can find it. Not really what I wanted but it’ll be a start

.asc and .desc are suffixes. take a look at item sales report, sure they are ordered using descending on qty or sales…
There was a discussion a while back sugesting a way to show ‘top 10’ which would be first 10 when ordered desc.

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Ill have another search

Ive just done another report for now which will suffice for now but its got an error as posted.

Will come back to this