SambaCard Search on Payment Page


Is there anyway I can add the SambaCard Search to the payment page?

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Chances are the answer is yes.

Can you post a link to the tutorial you used?

I follow the link below;
it is working perfectly but I just want to know if the Sambacard search can be added to the payment page also.

I’m not at my computer, but this might help a little:

On the payment screen, there is a automation command button mapped to the payment screen.

I’m not sure what I had going on in the name field. Try leaving that blank.
Use the info in the search value field. When you create the action you’ll have to specify the entity type you are using for your samba card.

The other 2 actions are pretty straight forward (you will not need the Grouping Order State field on the display payment screen action.

Thx… I will try that… :slight_smile: