SambaIn hiccup and decoding log file

Anytime there’s an issue with an order I see integers in the log.

What do they signify?


I noticed I was missing Gloriafood orders like once a week around a month ago. I looked thru the console log and found that the Gloriafood API was NOT returning a response when it was being pinged like every 5 seconds.

I thought lines 130+131 were supposed to catch any errors, but when I added lines 133+134, the GF integration stopped hiccuping and everything started to run smoothly.

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You may want to use push instead of poll. Although it looks like you solved your issue.

If you don’t have a static IP to push orders to, what is the best method of receiving Pushed Orders?

Do they support hostname in place of IP? Service like no-ip handy when have dynamic ip on Internet.