Sambaln Help please

Sambaln close itself every time when I try to fetch menu
I assume setting is correct because frame is turn green

But I cant fetch menu :roll_eyes:

I move to a different computer result the same
Sambaln close when click fetch menu

Run it as administrator.

hi @Jesse you mean Sambaln?

Yes you need to run it as administrator. You can edit the advanced settings of the shortcut to set it to run as admin every time.

Thanks @Jesse :two_hearts: :two_hearts: Its work.
Will see if I can receive an order.

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Hi @Jesse I got another problem it not show the pickup order

I look at this post Printing GloriaFood pickup orders to kitchen and orders not appearing in Delivery Entity Screen in SambaPOS

and change state from Pickup Status to Pickup
result I only see a ticket total
where do I have to look at? Thanks

All good. Just figure it out :grin: :grin: