Printing GloriaFood pickup orders to kitchen and orders not appearing in Delivery Entity Screen in SambaPOS

I’ve purchased the GloriaFood integration and have currently set up GloriaFood using the official guide on but I can’t seem to figure out a couple things.

  1. I’m not able to print any orders to the kitchen even after setting up print job for Pickup Tickets. I have to resort to using their iOS app to print to my networked Epson printers which uses GloriaFood’s barely customizable proprietary template.

  2. GloriaFood orders do not show up on the Delivery entity screen. However, the orders will appear under Open Tickets and in Sambain.

Thank you

Do you see ticket in SambaPOS ?

Yes, the online order Ticket shows up in both SambaPOS and SambAIN

He needs to use 64bit message server he is probably using html template. Install 64 bit message server and it will work.

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Hey Jesse, I tried your suggestion but the online orders still do not show up in the Delivery entity screen. For now, I was able to create a button on the ticket screen to manually print the order to the kitchen.

My SambaPOS program shows as 32 bit in task manager. Should I be using a 64 bit version of SambaPOS?


Are they printing though? They should be printing. Not showing up in the screen is another issue probably having to do with States not defined properly in the screens. Or enity setup.

Online orders don’t print automatically. I have to manually print the customer receipt and kitchen order to their respective printers.

Is that how you want it to work ?

My ideal configuration:

  1. Online order is accepted on mobile app
  2. Online Order appears in the Delivery entity screen
  3. SambaPOS automatically prints to the the following printers:
    i. Kitchen Printer (orders prepared in kitchen)
    ii. Front Bar Printer (orders prepared in front bar area)
    iii. Front Bar Printer (customer receipt)

My current configuration:

  1. Online order is accepted on mobile app
  2. Online order does not appear on Delivery Entity screen. It is however visible in Tickets.
  3. No automatic printing occurs.
    i. Press a button on the ticket screen to print the order to the Kitchen Printer
    ii. Press a button on the ticket screen to print to the Front Bar Printer
    iii. Press the “Print Bill” button on the ticket screen to print the customer receipt, ticket screen closes automatically.

By default it would print automatically unless you modified the rule that printed kitchen tickets. It sounds like you may have modified some state flows.

I haven’t modified any default rules. Which rules, actions, and automation commands should I be looking at?


I tried creating a rule that prints orders when a new online order ticket is created but that doesn’t work either. I’m attempting to create the following automation: IF new Pickup Ticket is created, THEN execute Print Orders.

I figured out why GloriaFood online orders were not printing to the kitchen automatically. I had to define the “Department” and “Ticket Type” in the print mapping section. Leaving the Department and Ticket Type as asterisks caused the online orders to not automatically print.

SambaPOS > Manage > Printing > Print Jobs > Print Orders to Kitchen Printer > Print Mapping

I am facing the same problems:

  • pickup ticket does not appear
  • no printing for pickup ticket nor for delivery ticket

Printing Pickup & Delivery Pickup Ticket
Using last version of SambaPOS and SambIn, the problem is still unsolved.
Is there a chance that the Asterisk * in ticket column in Print job work?
The work around to repeat all products setting for Ticket, repeating the process for Pickup ticket, repeat the process for delivery process is really time consuming and prone to error with unprinted ticket and undelivered orders.

Pickup ticket not appearing:
I had to change ticket lister’s property in Design mode:
State in documentation is Pickup Status and should be Pickup
Why not correct the documentation?


Note: Once paid the ticket remains visible and it should be removed from the pickup ticket list


Solved? by enabling Hide closed ticket in the ticket lister’s property.
It is not enabled in Delivery Ticket List however it works well: Ticket disappears once paid - I don’t know why and I don’t like when things happen sometimes and do not happen some other times.
It’s difficult to understand and figure out how it works/should be working.

The ticket lister will show a ticket that has the state defined in the property editor, if you want to ‘remove’ a ticket from the widget you have to automate it by changing the state. See the rule where you assign a driver, it changes the state and the ticket is shown to the next widget.

The setup works. I am using it with Gloriafood in my own location and it works fine. Do you have latest sambain? And it seems you configured something wrong in your settings for the delivery system.