SambaMarket issue

I completely fluffed trying to export my database to sql express, had to uninstall and reinstall loads of times to try and work out WHY it kept saying i got the database name wrong.

In the end, I got it going by deleting literally every file named samba. Ive now managed to install the database tools and database backup and have everything in place all back to normal.

The issue I have now is it was saying i needed to be activated, I tried it wouldnt let me. I did buy these modules. I think i over installed them or something.

theyre now greyed out and I cant do backups.

Username is GreatShakesBar



Go to the log in to your account. Go to your licenses and clear the license keys. Close and restart sambapos then go to Samba Market from inside SambaPOS and login in upper right corner and everything should allow you to activate again.

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wow fast reply!

Thanks :smile:

BTW please look at forum you may notice something different :stuck_out_tongue:

probably not, im very unobservant! Ill try though!

oh man i was gonna go home! hahahahaha :smiley: