SambaMarket Login Issue

Hi guys,

first time I am seeing this.

Client told me he cant activate license and during remote connection I noticed that login button has disappeared.

Ive tried:

  • Clearing keys
  • Reinstalling SambaPOS
  • Removing folder in Documents
  • Removing folder in Program Data
  • Resetting SQL String

I cant seem to get that blue Login to show up.

Whats interesting is that when I remove connection string and leave the fields blank, I can see it…

The database server has internet access?

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It does, otherwise I wouldnt be able to access it remotely.

uninstall license… restart, then install license, restart, then try.

I dont see install license anymore.

Something is really messed up and I cant figure out what

Computer was showing no internet even though I was able to connect. Because of that Login in SambaMarket was unavailable.

I not sure if this was part of the issue but changing the ISP DNS server on the router with and (ISP router) seemed to show normal internet connection on the PC.

I also replaced clients License.dll with one from my PC\Documents folder and Login in SambaMarket showed up.

Its activated now.

Sounds like your ISPs DNS having issues or doesnt like samba servers. and for google DNS is never a dad move :slight_smile:

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Yeah not the first time I had DNS issues here, SambaPOS Router (private sub network) picks up on default ISP DNS servers from the ISP router but sometimes they act like dummies and lead nowhere, so manual override is needed.

I always set google as network DNS on lan settings of router.
In fact even on devices as well. If setting manual ip details DNS usually goes to google first then local router seccond.

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