[SambaPOS 3] Arabic printing problem!

hi everyone ,

i have installed sambapos 3 and print out the test page of printer the code is :

page 22/255 864

printer name : posiflex pp8000

then i am put the code 864 in the samba pos printer settings and put the type : HTML

start printing give me a lot of small ticket every char in paper

if i’m print a ticket using ticket type then the printer not printing arabic well

any help please ?

check please: Urgent: invoice print in arabic give ? character

i read them many times before posting this thread

it’s not my problem :’(

HTML printer sends printout like a graphic print so setting up correct code page not needed. Can you print windows test page with your printer?

printer test page

I mean Windows Test Page through printer driver. I’m trying to understand if windows printing works fine or not.

sorry for delay sorry for delay internet has stopped

i also try it with anther closed source POS and printing Arabic works fine

note : if i’am choose Ticket Type in sambapos printer settings print one ticket but Arabic not working , else if i’am chose html print type a lot of small tickets printed every Arabic letter in a ticket

Can we test one more thing? Can you use notepad to send some arabic output to the printer? How it prints? If it prints fine can you try choosing printer type as Text or Windows Printer?

Great that’s work “windows printer”, thanks a lot, but is there in way to insert image in windows printer in sambaps3?