SambaPOS 5.1.57 Release

This release mainly fixes some reported issues.


Here are the new features.

  1. Ticket Lister performance improved.
  2. Auto completion implemented for {REPORT XXX DETAILS} tag fields.
  3. JSApi file helper improved. here are some samples.
    file.For('c:\\folder\\test.txt').CreateFolder().Write('test 123');
    file.For('c:\\folder\\test.txt').CreateFolder().Append('test 123');
  4. Sort order setting added for Task Editor Widget.
  5. Syntax highlighter for JS Scripts improved.
  6. Entity Name parameter added for Entity State Updated rule.
  7. Date editors improved for Custom Entity fields.
  8. Payment Button painting performance improved when payment processors used.
  9. On balance mode Customer Balance taken into account while processing payments.
  10. Word wrapping fixed for entity selection buttons.

Debatable :wink:

The one on the left is close to what it used to look like (it is actually from TBH, but is very similar). .56 would not process // comments properly.

The one on the right is from .57 release. While it now processes // comments properly, it no longer highlights punctuation and braces (SQL highlighting is fine), and it gets mixed up near the end for some reason.

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