SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release

I’m afraid logging won’t give a clue about the reason of the issue. I don’t know how can I explain that but It looks like an issue related with deleting order tags in a specific way. For example in an unexpected order of operations.

Edit: I checked it but Imported tags does not have something different than manually inserted tags. That is probably an unhandled combination of editing / cloning / deleting of order tags.

Edit2: I’m still trying to reproduce that. That error message means a child item remained parentless. It is probably an order tag but mappings may also be the reason of that error. Error message does not give enough detail.

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One of the example :Add juice to order you will notice the issue

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Oh OK, seems like I already solved it (partly) while fixing something else, that’s why I didn’t noticed it at first look. It greatly helped me to find another potential bug. Thank you very much. It will work fine on next update.

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I don’t understand. May be we look this in to a DB backup. Something different from our DB’s. @markjw Can you send us ?

@VehbiEmiroglu it does the same thing for me. We don’t need a backup.

Normally we expect quantity to be null when order added through graphql. SambaPOS determines the quantity. If user types a quantity (1 or something else) on numberpad we set that value as quantity. For zero priced products we use that value as price. However in sourcecode I saw an addition that checks the quantity and use it as price if value is greater than 1. Do you remember why we did that change?

It will work fine on next update. Also added a new feature to add multiple zero priced products by using X separator.

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I uploaded new version of Beta 5.2.11. @markjw Especially this order tag problem. Please update and give feedback. Thanks.


Here I posted a small example for updateEntity.


Regarding this request:

I added <height x>content<height> tags to format individual button heights.

For example I can change settle button Header.

and it appears like…

PS: May not work for all buttons but fulfills the original request.


Thanks emre!! And thanks for all the updates and big fixes your working through so quick!!

Feels like the forums back again :grinning:


Forgot to mention latest update contains “Auto Message Server Discovery” feature. If you don’t enter a message server name in local setting SambaPOS will try to find message server ip in the network. You can leave message server name empty and test if it can connect to message server fine or not on restart. This is experimental for now. Only tries to discover message server on first run. I’ll improve this feature for all products that needs to know message server ip to operate.

PS: This feature works if message server is configured to run with + sign.


I decided to use *5,1,5,10,20,50,100 for default. I don’t want to surprise people who are familiar with the SambaPOS Screen. I also slightly changed defaults. When no currency symbol is configured it will display amounts by using system currency symbol. To disable currency symbols it needs to be configured as “*5,1,5,10,20,50,100:{0}”.

So this is how these buttons will appear on default install.

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Awesome feature updates. Now you need to program a siri like assistant that can configure any feature by voice. haha


BTW Thank you very much for the payment screen improvements. I will be trying them live at my food truck tommorow. Big thing I am waiting on atm is the Gloriafood qty issue and CC processing then I can go live like a forum hermit and just troll newbies.


Haha… I’m trying to complete what I have and go back to SambaDNA project :slight_smile:

btw I’m enjoying it a lot. Programming SambaPOS is great fun. Maybe we should have SambaPOS feature update week on every month…


Yes I am sorry I havnt been able to provide much feedback about the DNA project with restaurant and now food truck and the side resell business I am so busy… Once I pay off my food truck investment I think I may hire someone so I can have free time again.

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We’re waiting for the legal stuff. We expect to release 3 different integrations on next months.

What is qty issue?

I think forum should crowdfund his salary :slight_smile:

Current version of Gloriafood official integration file… aka one he gave me in private message and is still not official… if an order with multiple qty comes in… like 2xBBQ Nacho it records it just fine in Sambain but on SambaPOS when it builds ticket it always just puts 1 qty of the item making entire order total wrong and sending wrong kitchen print too caused me a big headache other day.

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I want to clarify I am using a newer version of the integration that I dont think is really released yet. He fixed a few issues I gave him.

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OK. I see. If it is something related with Graphql @VehbiEmiroglu will let me know so I’ll fix that asap.

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