SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

Don’t install beta releases on production environments.

What’s new in 5.2.11

  • Custom grouping for tickets added (How to update Product Tag using action)
  • Only refresh orders while grouping ticket.
  • Task printer translation removed
  • Conditional Format tag for custom Button formatting added
  • Regenerate Ticket command added to Execute Ticket Command Action to fully update display.
  • Debouncing ticket list scroll to bottom.

  • Change Active Department action added
  • Group by order state for Payment Screen added
  • Save report descriptions and display them on report work period picker added.
  • Visible price added to printer template tags.
  • Clickable payment screen groups added
  • Auto Rounding Payment Screen denomination buttons added.
  • Multiply ticket total with exchange rate when calculating selected total on payment screen fixed.
  • Ticket state duration field for report ticket details report added.
  • And also some performance optimizations.

  • Refresh orders when update order action executes.
  • Experimental: Auto Discovery of Message Server.
  • Order Tag Selector performance improvements.
  • enforceQuantity setting for addOrderToTerminalTicket mutation. When enabled quantity will be used as quantity for zero priced products.
  • Adding orders by typing “x” from numberpad. When X used entered value will be used as quantity for zero priced products.
  • Fixed adding two order rows issue.,

  • Finding network printers functionality added.
  • Allow 0 length quantity for weight barcodes.
  • Tax calculation method to include whole pre tax calculations added.
  • Display format for entity grid widget added.
  • Async executing menu items.
  • Display payment screen parameters renamed for better understanding.
  • Highlight portion button if both name and order price matches.
  • Getting gift excluded group totals in printer template grouping added.

Reset category menu works perfect thanks :grinning:


Released a new 5.2.11 Beta. Please backup your database before update. Because have a database update in this version.

@VehbiEmiroglu any update on change department and updateEntity graphql? Likely to be coming soon?

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Not in this version. Please wait for it.

@markjw I added your requests to the list but for now I’m giving priority to bugs and stuff requested by our local team.

@emre ok just needed to know, so I can decide whether to wait for updateEntity or build my own workaround editing the database directly.

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Yes @markjw we are in the same situation.

Of course I need this expanded into createAccountDocument so I can actually start using graphQL and manipulating value against Entity Accounts :slight_smile:

I added a new formatting tag to create buttons that gives better feedback about state. On the gif demo you can see course selecting buttons will display in darker color to indicate selected course.


To implement it I added <if></if> tag. This tag accepts an expression and render content if expression is true.

<if 1==1><bold>Caption</bold></if><if 1==2>Caption</if>

This tag will display a caption in bold text. As we can use {LOCAL SETTING:X} tag on menu item buttons I can format the button depending on the local setting value.

<if '{LOCAL SETTING:SelectedValue}'=='1'><bold>Caption</bold></if><if '{LOCAL SETTING:SelectedValue}'!='1'>Caption</if>

So button will display in bold caption when I set SelectedValue local setting to 1.


On next update you can use Update Ticket Grouping action to group orders by order state. Group Parameter will be a State Name.

So order’s course is stored in Course state and using Course value will group orders by the value of Course state (for example mains, starters, etc…)

Setting an empty value will remove grouping


Very nice. I think this could be used to get a combo on the fly setup in a simpler automation. My combo setup was very complex.


I’d also be keen to get a good combo setup working. @Jesse I don’t think you ever fully shared your existing combo setup, I haven’t had time to try it myself but would you consider doing a tutorial of what you did already so can get more people trying it out and getting feedback / improvements? I have a few times needed to use it but due to time constraints ended up doing a workaround using order tags only. Using combo would be very beneficial also in cases if you have a set meal with multiple items and you need to be able to customise those items (with order tags), e.g.

Beef Curry - medium spicy, no onions
Chicken Chow Mein - no beansprouts, extra chicken
Fried Rice
Coke - no ice

Currently we have like above with one set meal product then use order tags for the items, but when doing so it is impossible (i.e. well is possible but would be too complex) to have every modification set per item. We have general modifiers for all those above already set as order tags which works fine for individual items sold.

I can yes but I never shared it due to how complex it was. It likely wouldn’t work on most other systems. I will be redoing it with this new feature soon and will share it fully then.

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We released a new beta version of SambaPOS 5.2.11. I think that’s the final before 5.2.12. Thanks for testing.


@Jesse it groups orders by order state so you need to uniquely set a state value to group items under their own menu (combo). Update Order Group action have Auto Key and Reset Key variables to solve that but when using new action you won’t have these.

I think new grouping feature will be useful to group orders by Courses and Seats. I was primarily thinking these cases while implementing it.


Could any of these ticket refresh additionas be used to smothout the refreshing of screen/ticket after updating calculations?
My discounts setup is a bit hacky in order to get calculation and total to update without preventing autoselect option.

Which ticket refresh additions?

Edit: Sorry, seems like Vehbi posted my commit messages :slight_smile: I’ll check if something can be done to update calculation part automatically when action executes.


Change Active Department action added.


@JTRTech action already have a setting called Reset Ticket but it regenerates whole ticket display and it might be slow. When it is false it will refresh only calculations for next update. Let me know if it helps or not.

Thanks, will try.
I use that at the minute but have to have two actions with true and false.
If autoselect menu item true closes autoselect so have a selected orders count constraint, and closing the order select screen causes refresh, no autoselect needs true to refresh. But ended up with being unable to void etc multiple orders in one go, it only voids first.
Maybe be my rules and have got by for now but is messy and more complicated than it needs to be.