SambaPOS 5.2.13 Beta Release


Buy 3 Get 1 Free Promotion. Cheapest Selected.

Optionally you can distribute discount to orders.

Edit: Sorry maybe it should be called as Buy 2 Get 1 Free :slight_smile: Something like Buy 3 Pay 2…


Thank you for the detailed info. I set it up but it does not work for me :frowning:

I can split the order but after settling the partial order it takes me to the tables entity screen where it wants me to select a new table for the remaining ticket…


A hard distribution problem to solve. Does it look correct?


Can you check if it is selected for Ticket Type?


it is…

It does not save the ticket id to database (ProgramSettingValues table) but thats how it should work when it’s local setting (Is Local is set to True), right?



Can you show Ticket Closed rule?


Ah, it’s in my first post: SambaPOS 5.2.13 Beta Release
You have to open the image :slight_smile:


Ugh making us go to another post. Why not just put it here.


sorry. I didn’t have the screenshot anymore as I replaced the file with the next one. Here it is again (click to open it):


Can you post the load ticket action?


Load Ticket action:


Oh OK try changing it to “Display Ticket” action.


That worked. Thank you :slight_smile:
I dont get why the Load Ticket action does not work though.


Load ticket is not the same. It’s meant to load a ticket outside ticket screen to do some automation on it. It will not diplay it. It’s just in memory.


I thought that loading a ticket ‘in the background’ and displaying payment screen will work. In Emre’s gif he goes from the 1st partial payment screen directly to the remaining orders’ payment screen. In my setup the ticket screen flickers for a fraction of a second (I blame the Display Ticket action for that). Not a big deal though, at least it’s clear that it did something…


No its probably something else doing that. Do you have other stuff happening on ticket closed or closing?


Do you need the refresh ticket action? I’ve had a similar issue when I have an unecessary refresh ticket action in a rule that caused the ticket the “flicker” in for a second whilst screens were changing.

Have you tried removing it to see if that helps?


Buy 1 get 50% for second item promotion.

It selected the cheapest item and distributed discounts.


I know you and kendash did a nice combo setup but would also be nice to be able to do the equivalent of Tesco meal deal this way.
That offer is selected drink, snack and sandwich for £3.
It also takes in to account if the price of the selected 3 is less than £3 which is possible and doesn’t increase, only discounts if over £3.


If no header is configured menu buttons will use product name on next update.