SambaPOS 5.2.15 Beta Release


I’ve have had the same even changing to existing database.
After restart it was connected to the one selected but still got the error message.


I think it’s triggering that event because it tries to switch db making it lose connection to the other one. They need to check that event.


Yes, or a too optimistic timeout


@VehbiEmiroglu What does this mean? I feel like I should know but I don’t. Recipe and Navigation are two things that typically don’t go together.


lol @kendash Vehbi posted my source code commit message. That was something relates with preventing creating multiple recipes for the portion.


I was gonna test it i just couldn’t figure it out lol.


@VehbiEmiroglu Ive used this beta in production since the day you released it. No issues yet. I tested the limited features you posted and all seem to work fine. The only issue right now that would be worth looking into is the activation of Training Mode. It appears the database connection prompt that was added several versions ago interferes with Training Mode activation. It generates the database just fine and it works just fine but you have to hit cancel on the prompt which is confusing. If you dont hit cancel it just keeps coming up over and over… many people think its broke so they force shutdown and that messes up the Training Mode.


Awesome! a lot of areas can use that feature!