SambaPOS 5.2.15 Beta Release


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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

Don’t install beta releases on production environments.

What’s new in 5.2.15

  • Clone menu problem solved (SambaPOS 5.2.14 Release)
  • Group Selector for adjust order prices added
  • Recipe’s portion id converted to a navigation property
  • Editing Management Grids

  • getPrintingContent function added to browser automation.
  • Automation button validation optimization added
  • Auto Refresh delay for custom entity screens added
  • Disabling news tab function added
  • About page added
  • Disable about page for non admins

Cant clone Menu

What is this feature?


Is anyone else experiencing issues when switching to training mode?

On 3 different databases… everytime i go to activate training mode… it immediately comes with a database connection error and stays that way the entire time. Have to force close it. And when you reboot it applies default database but database string shows training database. Doesnt clone original database and you have to manually change it back to original


You mean the red warning? If so, did you try just clicking Cancel?

Not related to training mode, but I get this red warning about database error every time I create a new database (by adding a new non existing database name). It happens on every system I use. I would go as far to say I am surprised when I don’t see it! But in any case, clicking Cancel the database is still created. Click Retry it just keeps asking forever.

I never tested to see if it doesn’t create database properly. It looks like it does, but for me, my next step is always then restoring my base setup database or another database over it so I never concerned if it created it properly or not. Was going to report this actually but since Shivan brought this up, it’s likely the same issue so I’m reporting it now… :wink:


For example you can see in Batch Entity Editor.


Sorry, I don’t see any difference than in 5.2.14. Both can edit the grid, have right click menu for extra options… what is new?


We remove readonly property from it.


Ah ok, so you mean now if I make changes to the grid, they will be remembered?


Does this release solves Menu Cloning issue?


On management some screens allows you to add additional columns to the grid. I’m testing a feature to allow changing some simple values on the list.

Enable editing menu item appears after saving layout and reopening the list.


Yes. Cloned successfully. Sorry for not giving feedback I know it’s important to you.


Very nice. Will give that a try.

On a somewhat related point, are you able to do anything about the saving of grid layout - like on entity search screen or ticket list. Currently have to make changes then close SambaPOS straight after to save. Is this a limitation in the framework or can you possibly add a “Save” option on the context menu so we don’t have to close SambaPOS?

Even if I copy the layout files between systems to saving having to do this, I’ve also noticed if you have similar names entity screens they won’t all retain the layout settings. Like I have a “Customer Search” and a “Customer Search - Restaurant” (I have 2 as they have different default ticket types), if I change one it “deletes” the grid layout settings from the other. I’ll follow up with more details on this later.


YES!!! ive noticed this, i have two entity report screens and the names are similar but not the same. If i change the report to different report in the widget settings of one of them it changes the report on the other so i end up with two different report entity screens displaying the same report even though different reports are selected in the widgets of each entity screen

I thought i was going mad!!


i created one entity screen with report widget and then cloned the entity screen and changed the report name in the cloned widget. i did this twice so i would have 3 different reports (the original and 2 cloned entity screens) one works fine, the other two if you change the report name in one it also changes the other


I have experienced this issue, but when I press cancel and re-enter its in training mode. Seems like a glitch but training mode does activate.


For me, the database changes to training database but does not clone it and when that error comes up, I can neither press cancel or retry, Just comes back with same issue.
Until I close samba down all together and re open. Then i check the database and its in training database but it uses the stock database. Didn’t clone the database I went into training mode with.
im going to see if i can repeat the action


It was doing that for me too. I just upgraded SQL Express let me try it now see if it works differently.

EDIT: Ok still doing it… if I press cancel it will pause for a bit then logout and its in Training mode DB. I disable it and it loads my original one back.

I think its working like it always has… but the new DB Show Message prompt is interfering with it.


It clones it just fine if I press cancel but it pauses for a few seconds.


When I disable Training mode it deletes the database.



If I keep hitting retry it never does anything… just keeps flashing the show message.


Ok so I took some videos to demonstrate. This happens to me I would say 80-90% of the time when creating a new database from SambaPOS (i.e. typing in a DB name that doesn’t exist on SQL). This is the same like it happens with enabling Training Mode, since that is creating a new DB also.

These videos I took on my main PC, however I experience the same on pretty much every new POS terminal I setup.

Red warning popup says can’t connect to DB. Clicking Retry does nothing and it just appears again. Clicking Cancel appears to continue the process and takes you to login screen, new database appears to be created successfully and I have never really tested to see if anything is missing. Like I mentioned before, for me in this case I am then restoring a backup onto the new database with my base setup, or in case of setting up a new POS terminal, I am restoring the client’s database I have been working on elsewhere.

When I tested, with sample database I can start work period and open a new ticket, all products there. But of course I don’t know for sure if something wasn’t setup properly during those errors where I selected Cancel.

I assume, like others have mentioned, this is quite common? I have seen this from about the time the red popup about database connection was added, so that’s around 5.1.61 I guess?

Using SQL Server 2017 Express:

Using SQL LocalDB 2014: