SambaPOS 5.2.29 Beta Release

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

Don’t install beta releases on production environments.

What’s new in 5.2.29

  • Next version will be 5.3.0
  • NET Framework 4.8 upgrade
  • Dev Express controls upgrade
  • Entity Framework upgrade
  • Microsoft Clear Script upgrade
  • All HTML widgets rendered by Chromium Engine for modern web pages. This engine embedded to SambaPOS. If you dont have Chrome in your PC it doesnt matter.

  • Keeping cookies added to Chromium Engine for HTML Widgets
  • Zoom parameter added to HTML Widget
  • Is Toolbar visible and context menu options removed from HTML Widget

  • Setting up NET 4.8 problem solved in Windows 7 32Bit Editions
  • VC++ 2015 Redist. Package added to Win7 32Bit Editions
  • LocalDB 2017 added to installer (Only 64Bit)

  • Memory problem in Chromium Engine Solved

That means you can open websites such as WhatsApp through SambaPOS? Or am I misunderstanding it?

Yes…Preformatted text

Unfortunately, when you change the entity screen all cookies deleted and all session is closed. You will have to sign in every time. It’s not good.

Of course everytime we are creating a new chromium engine session. what you are want to do with this?
(this isnt for whatsapp)

Well, a lot of my clients use whatsapp or something like this to receive direct orders through the messaging app.

They have to use keyboard to minimize SambaPOS and open WhatsApp. You couldnt open WhatsApp earlier as it would freeze SambaPOS or you would get an error that you cant use Internet Explorer to open the site.

I was hoping that using Chromium engine would make it work but if the session expires everytime, than its not going to work.

If possible to choose an option that will save the session or cookies would be very useful.

It would be great if the option to make sessions permanent or temporary can be added. Not just for wahtsapp. In this way, we can display sites such as web güvercini on the entity screen.

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We have a robust YemekSepeti Integration an we are developing a new modern one. So please use them not WebGüvercin please @Banned


Peki bunu eylem kural ile yapabilirmiyiz
Yani yenilenmeyi durdurmak için
Not: ingilizce olarak derdimi anlatamıyorum.

No you cant do that with rule/action

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Firstly, Congratulations on getting the CEFSharp integration working!

But this is a breaking change. All my previous HTML widgets don’t work anymore.
Any such upgrades should preserve existing functionality.

What is needed is either:
a) create a new widget (simply clone the existing one and give it a new name)
b) add a setting to the existing widget specifying which engine to use.

I also suggest you expose some of the CEF settings via widget settings, such as:
“Keep Session Cookies”.
“Enable Context Menu”

You could possibly add a widget setting called “Command line arguments” and allow us to specify them as a list using line separator delimiter such as:


(not sure the best syntax, but i think embedded commas are needed for things like lang list)

or perhaps include specific options in widget settings.

Can we continue to get Inject Script and Invoke Script via the Execute Html Widget Action?

Currently the widget shows a red “Invalid Widget” when “Allow Scripting” is enabled.
Zoom value has no effect.

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I also noticed that the number of CefSharp.BrowserSubProcess tasks running keeps increasing after switching Entity Screens. (each sub process uses 20 to 70 MB of memory). Perhaps you need to reuse the engine for each widget or use Dispose when switching away from the ES containing HTML widget.

I dont understand clearly. What widgets did you use and all of them not working. Can you explain more please ?

I have an ES containing 3 x HTML Viewer widgets. The ES is called “DEX Chart”

When viewing DEX Chart ES, 3 x CefSharp.BrowserSubProcess are spawned.
I then view a different ES.
Then come back to view DEX Chart.
Now there are 6 x CefSharp.BrowserSubProcess under Samba.Presentation.exe.

Each time DEX Chart is opened, we get 3 more sub process.

Is there any IDisposable object instantiated and not Disposed after moving focus away from the ES?

Maybe i misunderstood.

About them not working?

Any HTML widget having Scripting enabled stopped working.

Currently the widget shows a red “Invalid Widget” when “Allow Scripting” is enabled.

Can you send some screen shots of your Entity Screens ?

OK. But this bug isn’t related.

It’s only an experimental proof-of-concept screen.

@philbkk I’m sorry but what does any of this have to do with Restaurant POS systems? How would a restaurant benefit from this?

It’s only a bug report about how the HTML widgets now cause lots of extra sub processes to accumulate. I don’t think the content is so relevant but was asked to provide screenshots.

These are widget tests using some charting tools to see how they behave. It’s important to know how mouse clicks and scroll wheel respond inside an HTML widget, so these are some good exercises.

It can be tricky to integrate CefSharp and provide similar behavior to the native Chrome browser. This complex HTML component uses a custom Context Menu and it works fine!

The cleanup of sub process is a generic integation issue probably related to Lost Focus event handling.