SambaPOS 5.3.2 Release

For the memory of Emre Eren 1976 - ∞

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to roll back to the previous version.

What’s new in 5.3.2

  • International Bancard Integration Added (US Only)
  • Valutec Gift Card Integration Added (US Only)
  • Select as Order Count type added to Order Tags. In this case you must select order tags equal to order count for each order tag group.
  • Setup and exe’s signed for download problems

Has the date and time constraint been fixed in Print Report action?

Yes it was fixed in this.


Thats happy days for me!

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Seçilen etiketten vazgeçmek istense ne yapmalıyız
diyelim yanlışlıkla seçtik ama iptal edip değiştirmek istesem değiştirmiyor

bide jetrik güncelleme yapınca kapanıyor

You can cancel tags with REMOVE - KALDIR button

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Download problem solved thanks.

Has anything changed in regards to the payment sense integration? Still need the PAC gateway with this version or is it inbuilt?

RIP. Emre Eren. We miss you pal.

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It uses seperate dll files that can be dropped in program folder, beta has been working with couple of versions, think they are waiting on payment sense approval on new intergration version before public release.


What is Jetrik ? in main menu in 5.3.2 -

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Jetrik is in beta, it will be our online ordering platform. It Is not ready yet.

@VehbiEmiroglu PaymentController directory seems to be off. My CC controllers wouldn’t work until I moved the controllers from \PaymentController back to the main directory.

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That is by design so you pick the ones you need. You only need to install the IB controller and the operations dll. Sorry we should have documented that. Install them by copying them to root sambapos directory.

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Hello all -

I’m curious if anyone lost functionality with Quincy’s GQL Modules with this update or have I FUBAR’d somewhere? :slight_smile:


{REPORT MENU ITEM DETAILS:M.Name,M.DefaultPrice:MenuItem.DefaultPrice>4,5}

does not work like

{REPORT MENU ITEM DETAILS:M.Name,M.DefaultPrice:MenuItem.DefaultPrice>4.5}

Detects as 45

<button onclick="window.external.ExecuteAutomationCommand('ShowMessage', 'Hello');">Click Me</button>

not working

Execute SambaPOS function from HTML Viewer Widget - V5 Question - SambaClub Forum

If it worked in 5.3.0 and not now, I’d suspect it’s an issue in this update as I know myself a few graphql mutations are not working in this version (as I posted elsewhere)

Which ones and dı you use latest build ?

I posted the issue here few days ago:

It is on 29/01/2021 09:05 build. I tried to download again a couple days ago and saw its still the same build.

Ok i will contol this again