Sambapos 5.3.4 Setup file

Hey guys anyone with SambaPOS 5.3.4 Installation file? Please help. Can access the one in the forum

Just download 5.3.6…

Tickets are not closing, I keep getting Ticket changed, Latest changes not saved. after I upgraded to 5.3.6

When are you getting that?

Getting the same error as well. Thought I changed something

It’s coming up when finalizing the ticket, just after pressing the payment button.

Hello @Sp3nc3r and @machewu,

For this specific case, you can check if there is a Print Job which was tried to be used despite it doesn’t exist/removed in your Printing Actions.

If so, you can remove that action from the related rule (Ticket Closing Rule By default, it could change depending on your configuration)

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When I add orders to the Table and hit close and the payment screen

Removed all the print Jobs and left the defaults, its able to closed the ticket now.


The solution is marked in this discussion… Read through