SambaPOS 5.5.0 Release

Yes that is probabaly why. We will look at it Rick

Actually we will change the document soon. We have a different place we will put access to licensing.exe in sambapos

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@RickH private message me 2 emails you would like to use for each account these are older accounts and migrated over to newer system and it doesnt actually have your email registered correctly

FYI dojo integration is same as paymentsense integration - they recently rebranded as dojo and use that name moving forward for their company (even though the previous paymentsense card machines will likely still remain “paymentsense”).

AFAIK, this is just the official release of the integration but there aren’t any specific new features per se, except maybe for the currency selection to enable EUR payment for the Republic of Ireland that was previously only released with a beta version.

I have just upgraded to SambaPOS 5.5.0 on Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

I have installed the license through the official .exe and restarted SambaPOS several times, but when the program is launched it gives the following error:

Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ‘’. Incorrect syntax near ‘’.
After I click on the OK button, a red popup appears, which states “Unregistered trial version”.

How can I handle it?

Did you launch licensing.exe ?

Yep I did. The activation was successful

I tried also on Win 11.
Similar problem


This one on Win Server 2019 instead


Ok can you plase send db backup to We will check situation.

It has to do with your official business name in cp. remove any special characters from the legal name in try again.

We can control this but likely it will solve it

Tried, it does not work

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OK plase send DB backup.

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Sent it now, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @PiroX4256 Can you download SambaPOS 5.5 from same link again. It solves your issue.

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