SambaPOS 5 DB decimal places

I can not change sambapos database decimal places. … can anyone help me oon how can i do that ?

What you did you do to change decimal places? What happened? Did you see an error message?

@Marian_Buru I am curious if you saw this?

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Exactly from there i tried to modify the db decimal plăcea and after i save it the value will not modify …

Can you show an example?

sorry for replying so late … here is the error that is causing problem in my software

when i upgraded the software from v4 to v5 i used the following procedure :
i copied the SambaPOS4.sdf from My Documents folder SambaPOSv4 to folder SambaPOSv5 and edited in settings>Local Settings>Database the Data Connection Field and i entered there SambaPOS4.sdf … maybe i did something wrong and i should do some other setting

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Thank you for reporting that. Will work fine on next (5.1.53) update.

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How long it will take for the 5.1.53 update to be ready … if you can approximate that time.

We generally release updates in 7-10 days.

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