SambaPOS 5 Fast cash

I Noticed there is a setup Fast Cash payment option in the configuration section of settings but I don`t understand how to use this option. Example I click setup fast cash buttons it asks me a name I type £20 it replies this payment type does not exist.

Am i missing something is there a tutorial for using this option.

Thanks for any help given

This configuration task creates exact payment buttons for selected payment type. Something like the button detailed in this tutorial. Configuring fast payment buttons

Review this tutorial for details about implementing fast cash buttons.

Ok I think I understand so the option in settings is just for creating exact payment button.

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We can create a task for doing buttons. I might do it.


@Jesse Let me know if some additions needed to JS Api.

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Did you create a task for this Kendash

Not yet sorry. Had a lot on my mind lately.

I followed the Tutorial but can not work out how to map my buttons to map

Show what you have and will help you.
What have you done so far?

I have followed all the steps in RickH tutorial added above by Emre

With the greatest respect if you had done all the sets listed it would work :stuck_out_tongue:

OK so maybe show some screenshots, do you want to work through it logically to help you better understand whatever the problem is?

Lets start with a screenshot of the Fast Cash automation command button settings and its rule…

That`s probably why it does not work then as there is no Fast Cash automation command in the tutorial.

That would likely be the problem :smile:

could you help me set one up please

If you have followed all the other steps from the above tutorial create an automation command called ‘Fast Cash £5’ with header of £5.00

If you have done the other steps exactly that should be all you need.

Thats working fine thanks.

I have one last problem to solve before i can use sambapos, thats how to allow different cashiers to use the till when anothere cashier is mid transaction. This is a standard feature with most other Epos software but I cant find a solution on the forum. I am using RF tags to log on do you have any suggestions how I could achieve this.

Search for Switch User, there are several tutorials.
I did one a while back, will see if can dig it up.

Sorry no I didnt but RichH has a good one.
I did a couple of user based ones for ticket can only be opened at one machine at a time and also one for users can only login one machine at a time.