Sambapos Argentina

Hello good afternoon. I am looking for someone to implement sambapos in Argentina, with electronic invoice printing. Obviously the work is paid.

Check out storeseen, ask for Mark. We hired them to install sambapos onto our system and service and knowledge of sambapos you can’t get it better anywhere. I am there customer and not been paid or been asked to recommend them. I recommend them on my own experience. Wish you all the best.

Bellow you will find link to there Google my business page.


Bienvenido. Saludos desde Nicaragua. A la orden para ayudar.

Muchas gracias. Hiciste alguna configuracion de impresora fiscal para Argentina? :slight_smile:

Para Argentina no. He realizado alrededor de 20 instalaciones de sambapos con se kds, printers reportes y mas. Estamos para ayudarte.

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Ya inicio instalación?

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Tienes algun numero de watsap?

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Hi, im sorry I had to use Google to translate your reply. My sambapos was don’t in English by English company. I contacted them on your behalf but they are not able to accommodate you on this occasion due to language barrier, but they did state they would try find someone for you, near you to help you. If I hear anything, I’ll get back to you. Sambapos is great system if you have right person to guide you to get it onto your system. Good luck and I hope to come back to you with more information.

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Hay informacion util en el foro para la implementacion con impresoras fiscales puedes usar la búsqueda por fiscal printer. Por lo demas es un poco dificil al principio. Después ya es sencillo. Suerte.

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@Oscar_Castillo sí, ya hice la instalación pero no cargue todo el menú. Estuve viendo un poco. Pero necesito más que nada la impresión de facturas fiscales. Sino no voy a poder migrar a este sistema. Te paso WhatsApp enseguida.

@Pritz187 Thank you very much for all your recommendations. These are my first posts in the forum and I didn’t quite understand how to reply to your user. So the confusion, since another user also wrote to me in Spanish. The system seems the best I saw, especially for the customization possibilities. But it is necessary that I can adapt it for fiscal printers in my country. And the truth at this point I have no idea how to achieve it.

Hey buddy, it’s my first time too on this platform replying to anyone as I only got sambapos few weeks ago. I was going to by directly from samba but it needs to be fully set up which I know I would not be able to do. That is why I found a reseller in UK to do it for me. Storeseen managed to implement my online ordering and sort out the printing side of it.

As you already have the platform, they may charge you small fee to set up how you want it but it will save you lot of time and confusion.

Storeseen will be able to do all you want plus more so I suggest getting in contact with them and see if they can help you.

Sorry I can’t be much of a help but I’m learning too.

Good luck