SambaPos as Uber like on demand service

Hi Emre, first of all thank you for such an amazing program. I have been reading over and over previous tutorials and guideness from other forum members; i have managed to set up initial basic system.

I have a cafe business with many field operators (think of them like delivery guys) who needs to be able to take orders on the go or communicate with main system to be able to / be aware of new orders coming trough from many other locations. Just like Uber, but no drivers; we have delivery field partners.

I have seen the delivery package including google maps which i am sure will help me to get started. My question is;

As long as there is reliable WIFi or 3g/4g around can order taking/settle orders can be executed?

If i have an order 100m away from the main server via terminals can i still use the system. (remote access i guess it called)

I need to buy a simple touch screen laptop and re-install the system, use it as my main server. (currently on old/dingy PC :slight_smile: As long as its touch screen, can my ipad/android/iphone as such client terminals could still operate as touch screen? Current installation is on old PC so ipad client is not functioning as efficiently.

I know you mentioned a native app is planned to launch, are you guys building it or still on hold? Cant wait to see it in action.

Lastly, when the orders placed/settle/or closed a print receipt needed. If i am 50mt away and take an order, can i print the recipt to main cafe as new order so they can start preparing the order. My cafe operation runs like a giant outdoor venue. :wink:

Any other features you may have/suggest i should explore around the forum.

Once again, great product and congrats for making the final 15 startups in Turkey Etohum. I met Burak here in London and it will be great future ahead for you guys!


You could set it up to operate this way but you have to understand that you are opening it up to the internet. So you should get a good understanding of how to secure your system if you choose to do this. basically you would have to open your database up to the internet to allow remote connections. Meaning anyone on the internet could potentially attempt access.

Hi Kendash, it makes perfect sense, security will be an issue. ;/

In terms of using permenant device/hand terminals what way is the correct way to approach? I have read the tutorial on setting up ipad/iphone terminals and as far as i see the option is remote access (Pocket Cloud is discontinued, i have the windows remote access now)

How i can connect the terminals apart from that, eliminating the security issue? I have seen kitchen display options, do you think its something i can use for that DIY project?

Senario is this: Order is placed > barista closes the transaction > makes the coffee/sandwich > needs to let delivery guys to come and collect. Product is delivered > transaction closed at the customer premises via cash or Izettle payment processor.

Sorry for pain ;//

Thanks in advance.

What your asking for is not supported natively by Samba yet. It is something that has been discussed and is on a roadmap for the future. I am thinking cloud type services will be very popular.

You could get this to work like I mentioned above but it would come at a cost of security and reliability would drop significantly with such a long range remote connection to database.

Terminal services requires expensive server licensing. Another alternative is to use good Windows Tablets that you can install SambaPOS on locally and set them up to connect to the database.


I think this will be my option to start with. Kendash, thank you for the detailed info, i will be looking forward to cloud options, plus the native app so customer ordering can be exciting. Any estimated timescale on the native app? (still part of the road map or SambaPos team already start working on it)