SambaPOS conversion tool for MAC

Hello, Please advise how to convert or load required software to use SambaPos on mac

SambaPOS is windows based only but you can use with Apple products via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) software such as PocketCloud. This is a free program available from the App Store and works great.

Hope this helps.

Hello, I need it to work on mac computer - not iPad / iPhone. PocketCloud is only for iPad / iPhone. Any suggestions for iMac ???

Don’t be frightened to use Google

Hello, I don’t want to connect my iMac to a windows computer and run SambaPOS. I want to instal SambaPOS to my IMAC and run it from my IMAC - independently and alone.
Is there a way?

Same here, I want to install and work with SambaPos on my MacbookPro running Maverick. I will really appreciate knowing how to do so. Thanks.

its not possible, sambapos is only windows compatible. what i can recommend is install ‘parallels’ on to your mac, that way you can install windows onto your mac and run sambapos straight from your mac without the need of a RDP connection. :slight_smile:

I feared as much. Thanks @DenizAltun for your response. I guess I will just have to get used to working on a windows platform!

You could try mono

As SambaPOS is a Windows only application, we cannot offer any support on the setup as we don’t use Mac’s.

Thanks @JohnS, just checked out the website. Mono is well over my head for now. I will just continue to work with SambaPos on Windows platform till I can seat with Mono.

You can use Parallels to run a virtual machine in your mac