SambaPOS Crashes due to Expired Mobile Client License


I am unable to logon to SambaPOS Because of expired Mobile Client License. SambaPOS Support Team Please help. I have raised this issue with you guys this morning. You guys took remote support and messed up my system by upgrading to the latest version which doesn’t even shows up the logon screen.

Now I am in a critical situation. I have spent my whole day by manually handling things.

Please for now delete the expired license atleast from the licensing portal. I have restored the database to a new server and downgraded the sambapos version. Atleast let me rollback.

This is not at all professsional behaviour from you guys…

Appreciate if someone from support team can help.

Hello this is a community forum please email

What I can tell you is likely the not loading with new version could be your sql server might be older. Sambapos requires JSON support you should be running sql express 2019 to ensure full compatibility.

However if that is not the issue it would be very helpful for you to provide more information so the community can try to help you.

If you do not want to try the community for help then please contact support via the email. Or you can find a reseller near you or maybe one through this community and pay them to assist you with support.

I am fairly sure we fixed that issue with the latest version.