Sambapos documentation?

Firstly, thanks for the great software and the great community!

I was wondering if there is any documentation for V4 and any documentation (like flowcharts, architecture details etc.) for the sambapos v3 source code?


There is no real official manual for v4.
There is a very active forum (here) and a growing wiki.
It’s tricky to write a manual as the software is made in such a way that there is no fixed methods and you make your system to suite your needs.
There are extensive tutorials of this forum for most setups you can imagine.
If you spend some time tinkering with samba and get used to the options available you can make a truly unique system.
One of the core principles of the software is that you make the setup to work for you, obviously everyone has different needs hence the lack of a manual as you couldn’t cover all the options.

As for v3 this is not really the place to ask, there is a seperate v3 forum but believe it’s very quiet as the vast majority have upgraded and with the release of v5 is coming up soon attention will turn to the latest version.


Here is the Wiki that was started for v4.