Sambapos does not start

installed sambapos and it does not start

Cannot open database sambapos 4 requested by the login.
the login failed

login failed for user xx/xx

any advice on that


Install a DB Engine (SQL Local DB, SQL Express) and/or change the login credentials in SambaPOS settings file to match those of the DB Engine.


Inside settings file:

<ConnectionString>Data Source=localhost\sqlexpress; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SambaPOS4; </ConnectionString>

hi, i am sorry, i am not very good with this programming stuff.
i think i got part one:
creat a textfile and put all this connection string stuff in there as text.

then i am lost
what do i need to write in the inside setting file?


Reinstall SambaPOS choose the option to install a LocalDB. Let it download and install SQL Express 2012.


doe not work either - same error message.

sorry for this


This was really upsetting indeed especially after deploying successfully and running SambaPOS4 smoothly for 3months. It took me a few days to figure out the issue was that the database had essentially crashed and therefore I needed to install SQL Server Management Studio in order to detach the corrupted DB and then delete/move the corrupted .mdf file so that SambaPOS can create a fresh copy of the same i.e. a new SambaPOS4.mdf upon loading.

Once the actual problem was clear the solution seemed easier to correct the issue.

However, I need the client’s data back so I have to figure out an easy way or tool really to recover/repair the old DB without paying for one. I found one that is free but only supports up to v.2008 of SQL Server so am trying to force the version but not sure if this will work…

Any ideas for such recovery tools?