SambaPos ERP integration

Hello everybody,

I am looking solution for my organization, short information about organization ;

I have one Central Distribution office and i ll open few Restaurants. My question here i need to know each restaurants total sales, stock and most popular products reports etc. I ll write some connection between central software and Pos software for reports.

I ll use open source erp software for central (distribution center) and for restaurants i am thinking SambaPOS.

What is yours advice for my organization ? Which systems work stable with SambaPos ? and what is best way best solution ?

Thanks you.

SambaPOS is not particularly usable with a central/remote database so you would nee to have SQL in each location.
There has been mention of future implementation of a ‘Samba Chain’ module/option for collating data from locations but think this is a far future plan.
There are several ways to automate many aspects with some emailing reports on end of day etc.
Depending on your SQL abilities you might be able to come up with a more comprehensive solution but there are a few threads on the topic of people discussing options for this type of question.

Its important to understand that SambaPOS5 is not open source, however it is extremely customizable so open source is really not necessary. It could be possible to integrate with ERP if we understand how it expects to communicate and interact with SambaPOS.

For example I have integrated a Payroll software TimeTrex which has an API that uses JSON or SOAP. I can read data from TimeTrex as well as push data using simple jscript.


Hello Guys,

Firstly thank you for your messages, for understanding my organization structure i ll share image for idea !

I am thinking about best solution for this case and if you check attached image you can understand totally structure…

I know that SambaPos is not opensource but i ll use SambaPos if can i implement to my ERP system. What i need exactly from SambaPos

Stock details and sales reports POST to erp software.

I need to check Sales reports and Stock reports of Shop1 and Shop2. Thats all for my structure. I must check all via Open erp software !


If you can use something like JSON to post the info to the server at distribution centre then as kendash said it should be doable.
If you look as my PMS Intergration thread you will see that I am making good progress on scripts for posting sales data to the PMS System (cloud based)
I am working on an on demand post for charging to room accounts on PMS and daily post to transfer the remaining sales data so we can have one set of reports covering all revenue streams both rooms and epos.

Inventory wise I have not and am not going to be looking into as a product sales report is enough for our stocktaker and the PMS system doesn’t need to know inventory.

Either way this will give you an idea.
If your erp system can accept incoming formats supported by samba post scripts, JSON for example then between that and some jscript and likely some SQL you could send over virtually anything.

I now have have a pretty clear idea of the connections between orders, tickets, products and payments and feel I could (with bit of help sometimes) now pull pretty much any info sales related from samba using SQL.
If the inventory side is structured in a similarly logical way you should soon be able to get to grips with it.
Time wise would depends on your jscript and SQL abilities. Took me a while but was complete novice in regards both with only code experience being fairly basic HTML and css.

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Did you manage to integrate with odoo?