SambaPOS ever been installed in 14 clients total? Performance Issues

Hey Guys,

At this bar with 14 clients, I am having serious lag issues. Samba becomes extremely unresponsive. Have you guys tested Samba on this many clients before? Should I blame my network infrastructure first? Im currently working on doing some tests on database performance maybe its that… One thing I know for sure its not cpu or ram power as it idles at 2-10%

Ill be in touch soon as I find out more… Any help and advice extremely appreciated.

So are we talking about the rdp tablets or wired terminals? Details on the setup would help.

Sure sorry,

I have 3 hard wired terminals all i5-6200 powerful cpus. 8gb ram each

10 rdp client tablets.

3 dell t30 servers with 16gb ram each.
1 server dedicated to sql server express 2016 running windows 10 enterprise 64 bit.

Other 2 servers running rdp clients.

Man serious lag on all SambaPOS clients. I hired some top notch network and database admins to track this down. Sql server load very low, CPU’s load idling at 1-15% memory idling at 10-20%. They’re telling me they are guessing might be application not being efficient in sql calls but I doubt that right now unless it’s a big on latest version. I will have a report for SambaPOS to officially look at if it is SambaPOS related. I doubt it though. Just thought I’d ask on here Incase anyone had any other advice.

Did you try the maintenance tasks to autosize safely the database?

Any reason you chose to not run the latest version of SQL Express? BTW Try the safely autosize maintenance task see if that helps.

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When are you experiencing the slowdowns. What are you doing when it happens?

The manger said 4 days ago he noticed it started around 9pm every night. I think that’s a coincidence and it happens when it gets busy and a lot of waitresses are on the floor. For the last few days it’s been getting worse and worse where it happens In the afternoons and all day where it’s so unbearable that he has to keep restarting the hard wired terminals and samba client on all rdp tablets.

I’ll try auto sizing maintenance task. Anyways I have some network and database engineers diagnosing the issue. They can pinpoint what’s going on. I’ll keep everyone updated on here. Hopefully just a silly mistake on my part

Sql server 2019? I don’t think they have an express out yet? I thought about buying the 2019 standard but professionals are telling me a bar Pos is a piece of cake for express. What do you think?

No, SQL Express 2017.

Yes Express edition is sufficient for a POS system, you are not going to exceed the limits of Express edition.

Can I ask about the RDP setup, what OS is that running on as the host? Are the RDP licensed or running with the hack on Windows? If you are using the hack, this could be your problem. Or if you are using Windows 10 as the host, possibly it isn’t designed for running so many RDP clients and you may need to look towards Windows Server? This however is something I have no experience with so I’m just suggesting ideas.

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How big is database up to?
I know I have had to strip down all the visual report type expressions on buttons and entity screens due to issues with slowdown/momentery freezing.
Removing those seems to have resolved the comments from eh staff on freezeups.

Tablets are running on windows server 2016 rds services. I don’t think rdp has anything to do with it. All the hard wired terminals go slow too.

My database is only 15 days old. Only like 170 mb. They had no or very few slowdowns in beginning

Express edition cant use all cpu’s and ram which installed Your system. Sambapos coded with entity framework of Microsoft. And Code is so clear.

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Okay so you mean that SambaPOS is good? Should I upgrade to sql server standard? There are 14 client connections to sql I wouldn’t be surprised if the express hardware limitations are slowing it down

Sambapos coded with Microsoft standards. I think in this case SQL server cause this. Do you have standard edition for testing

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I think my biggest system was a 7 after sent them an add-on terminal, sql 2014 on just a basic dell optiplex core2duo. Only running V4 but been several years and no issues.
It’s a busy venue, maybe not most tickets as is an events venue but capasity is arround 1.5k to 2k if I remember right.

If you want i will Connect to server with remote desktop for understant this

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Also SQL loves ram it caches everything. I would max the ram out on your server. If you do add more ram you need to reset max memory in SQL too. SQL express 2017 is latest version.

I’m willing to bet you need more ram for the SQL server. SQL will use a ton of ram and the more you have the better. Expecially during times of heavy use it will cache a lot.

You see that’s what drives me nuts. Resources are barely being loaded. I always go overkill when I don’t know exactly how much ram I need.

Sure, thing if I can’t figure this out myself in next few days I’ll take you up in this offer.

Is this during peak hours when the slowdown is occurring?