SambaPOS for Dry Cleaning service/shop

Quick Question, is anyone using SambaPOS for Dry cleaning service/shop? Need ideas and recommendation on Garment Tag Printer to use as the tag needs to be waterproof rolls.

A friend has approached me to design SambaPOS for there dry cleaning service/shop after seeing the software running in our family run restaurant and they loved it. I said yes i will design it for no fees ( i need a another project and a challenge). Any fees i receive from this project i will pass it on to Emre and SambaPOS team because they deserve it

Below is the process:
Step 1: Enter Customer Information (Take\record customers details)

Step 2:Select Order Items & Submit
Click or Tap on the items they want cleaned / repaired.
Select when the order will be ready.
If they are making payment in advance select the payment method (Cash/Card)

Step 3: Order Summary & Garment Tags Printed

Two Printers will be required:

Thermal Receipt Printed
A receipt of the order for the customer and dry cleaner to print automatically.

Garment Tag Printer
Have order details & garment tags printed automatically for keeping track of the orders. The Garments Tags need to be printed on a indelible ink ribbon and waterproof rolls.

Thinking fast, and writing without thinking to much, it should be rather simple, since there is no difference betwen this and a delivery system that is a tutorial somewhere here. In the delivery system you assign a customer, a delivery boy and the you add items to the ticket.

The only difference I see is the select when the order will be ready, but I assume you can use Ticket TAGS for that or a Ticket Note.

I you want to assign who is going to do the wash or repair, you can see them as TABLES (Entities). So, bottom line, It should be doable…

Shout for help… I am shure @Jesse and @QMcKay are here to help you out!!! LOL!!!


Hello Morshed,

We have been using SambaPos5 for 3 years and we are very happy even if we can not use every detail.
I need help with the setting up order to use dry cleaning and laundry, and when I do the end of the day I will report on deliveries. those that are not delivered will continue to appear on orders. I did not fully understand Gerlandog’s answer, how did you solve it? can you share.