SambaPOS GO tablet as admin

I am in the process of setting this all up. I see that we have to add a user ‘gotablet’ and set it as admin.
I also have read that you can access the settings menu from the gotablet by tapping the SambaPOS logo 3x .

We plan on using a tablet to help with entering to go items.
Can a waitress muddle and mess with anything on the back end since it runs as admin?

No they can’t. You don’t give them access to that account. They login with their account. That is just for the application API.

If you just want an app to enter orders you should get the mobile app. Go tablet is meant for customer self use to replace paper menu at tables.

Mobile app is more efficient for taking orders.

Well dang, didnt know that. Already purchased the go tablet license for one. Surely a waitress can use that to put in to go orders?

If we did get the mobile app, can it be used on a tablet easily?

You can but it’s meant to work with tables. You can’t search or enter customer names.

The mobile app is Android and works great with any Android tablet.

We currently do not search for customer names and do not enter them either.

The go tablet is a digital menu that customers can add their own orders. You really would prefer mobile app for what you plan to do.

Mobile app is very fast simple to configure. It’s meant for fast order taking. Go tablet will be more complex to setup as it’s meant to operate as customer facing so there is a lot to configure in it.

Ok I will see what the customer wants to do and look into it.

Ok I got my license moved over, and I will get on site and play with this. The demo worked and it looks promising. Thanks again.

Ok I drive 30 miles to be on site and I set it up and now this.

FYI I have the message server set to 9000 and it’s working across the computers. Any idea?

I set this system up to run the messaging server on 8383 instead of 9000, and now that is ALL with will use. I have done everything.
When I try the tablet on that it says ERROR CODE :# 4001

I want this to work on whatever port I want it to work on, why is this is hard?

Did you set it as 8383+

And show your message server settings. You set something wrong.

Also show us your settings. We need to see what you have done or else we can only guess what you did wrong. My advice is to follow the kB exact.

No I did not at the plus sign.

Ok so there are three machines. One is of course the server. I (for some reason?) set the message server port to 8383.
On the mobile tablet, its defaulted to port 9000, and I never could get it to work on 8383.
So this led me to change the server to port 9000, and I did the service port change as well.
THEN the tablet would sort of work. It would retrieve the settings from the server, but would not UPDATE.
Also the computer server was saying it was not connected to the message server and I was getting odd error messages.
I fought with this a lot and just changed the server back to 8383 and the computers are happy, but still nothing on the tablet.

Now I am away, from the location but I can remote in. I am thinking of making the port 8383 available to the www so that I can test with this tablet here at my desk.

Ok I now have it working over the web. I can log in only to settings, and save them, then I try to log in with the 2520634 and it wants to update, then when I click OK to update I get Message Server Connection Error, but my Server and Wifi lights are green.
This is so strange because now after I changed the service to 8383+ now the server is in red and says message server not connected.

I finally got the three computers to use the port 9000. I had to set the master server name in the messaging setting to http://NAME and then I got the Green CONNECTED state. So now all the computers are now talking on port 9000.

Now the mobile client can retrieve settings, but once you log in, and hit update you get the Message Server Connection Error