SambaPOS GO Tablet Menu

SambaPOS GO Tablet menu is ready. You can find details on

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Can this be used as a self-service kiosk for quick-service restaurants?

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We have a kiosk app as well.


Where do you buy the kiosk? Does it have credit card integration?

We do not sell the kiosks. We can connect you with a reseller that can assist with that through our hardware partners.

Yes our kiosk app works with TSYS or OpenEdge in the USA

I can have our NY reseller contact you.

Hi there.
I’m really interested in setting up samba on a couple of tablets for my restaurant. I just have a couple of questions that I am hoping someone could answer.

I am currently running my 7 terminals on a closed network. So no internet. Would the internet need to be connected at all times to this network in order for Samba Go to work?

Secondly, I am currently running on one of the early versions of Samba 5. Would I need to update this to the latest 5.2.26 version in order to integrate Samba Go? If so, could someone please provide me with a link on how to upgrade. (On that note; would I be required to upgrade each terminal individually or could I upgrade on my Admin computer and the other 6 terminals automatically upgrade?)

Thanks in advance for any help and advice,

Not sure about internet connection, know they removed the need for web connection for android app licencing and in theory it should be using graphql api and message server which are local services but am yet to have much of a play with the go tablet app.

In regards updating, yet ou will most likely need to update.
Updates are in release category of forum;

You would need to update on each terminal and the update will mark the db with verison number and any terminals on older version will stop working.

You would need internet to verify license once after that no you would not need internet. Yes you need the latest version and its simple just install it. All terminals should be upgraded to the latest version. You should not mix versions of SambaPOS.

Thank you Jess and JTRTech.
Im glad to hear that it my system does not need to stay connected to the internet. And thank you for answering my question about updating Samba.

I was confused because from what I read at the part about the Samba TOFFICE made it seem that an internet connection was necessary at all times. I am still confused about the need for TOFFICE. If I were not to use it, would my menu appear on the tablets as if it were just like one of my desktop computer terminals?

Your right, that would sugest if not to operate it would need online connectivity to update settings, but jesse will be the one to answer.

Toffiice is what you use to configure it. It it doesn’t need a constant connection. You do need access to manage it though. Any updates you want to make are made with toffice. But no it does not need constant connection.

You upload your menu to toffice then you edit it and set your menu design and theme. Then it downloads it to the tablet. After that the tablet does not need internet.

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